Wednesday, May 16, 2012

She Also Chose My Solemnization Veil

Salam all, 

She also chose my solemnization veil to be part of her solemnization day. Thank you very much Azyan. Visit here for earlier entry.

Cantik kan Azyan? Even though we met at very last minute, she was really good in mix and match her own solemnization attire with my veil..soft cream and touch of silver..nampak cam satu set tak?

Congratulations Azyan and husband..anyone interested to rent, mail me at InsyaAllah if the date is still available and venue within Klang Valley or Selangor area, the veil is temporarily yours :)

To be continued..


  1. Azyan is a friend of mine and I am your avid fan + blog reader :) What a coincidence..oh the veil is so pretty!

  2. senorita25 : wahhh i'm touched dear..tq so much for ur support..what a small world kan :)

    laskar pelangi : tq awak :)



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