Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Something for Groom to Ponder

Salam all,

This entry is for future groom..but usually guys wont care much about wedding preps..bagi duit to family and his mom or siblings (yang perempuan) pecah kepala planning for the best.

But there is some exceptional for some guys or metro sexual groom who want to be involved with so called tiny miny things of weddings...choosing what to wear for solemnization and reception..what i mean is that..kasut or capal ke..bukan selipar jepun hokey..

These are just some examples. For all mak-mak pengantin lelaki (adake? hihi) or groom's sisters or maybe his fiancee yang caring and reading this entry, please advise and share to them accordingly k..

For well prepared groom, they will stand by good quality and branded leather shoes. Let say, Dunhill or Ferragamo..fiancee gave as engagement hantaran or they bought by themselves and wear on wedding day - doesn't matter recycle for solemnization and reception..and even bertandang..

                                                       source Kudegraphy

For adventurous and happy go lucky groom, they may wear something different..the shoes may be pricey but be prepared if at very last minute mak or ayah marah..with this kind of statement " ingat kawin ke main-main ni? ke nak pergi jalan-jalan? " everything depends and goes back to families. 
                                                   source Nikaizu and Syazwan

The final example i have is applicable for a 'save' or traditional groom..ikut adat katanya..wearing capal..easily find at Jalan TAR with cheap price depending on design and material..

Tips : Please ask your bridesmaid or best man to take care of these branded shoes everytime couple take off theirs especially for home wedding or when couple perform solat/break..lots of eyes'll never know :)


  1. haha i setuju lelaki tak pecah kepala pikir kita je yg over :p

    kazaa kn dia pg keje pakai saut skate dia je so masa nak kawen pening gakla kitorg carik kasut sanding dia T_T

  2. tahu tahu je nanti, capal dah ilang.. hakhak. kesian pengantin~

  3. cha : haha guys always like that.. :)

    dhiera : hakhak..kalau hilang jgk..xdapek nk nolong :)



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