Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What to Expect in Marriage Life?

Salam all,

This is a serious topic to discuss. Nothing to do with me or anyone related to me whether direct or indirect. Its just something for us to think about and grab the lesson learnt.

As a wife, mother or future wife or mother, what will happen to you when you reach 15-20  years of wedding anniversary? We will no longer hot and sexy (hot ke sekarang?) unless you really work out and constantly take care of your body and stamina..if you're lucky, you may have few kids with your beloved husband..if you're working, you may reach few achievements..maybe at management level..or if you're a full time house wife..maybe you have to double up your daily routine, masak to more family members and attend more complicated growing up kids aka teenagers. Less sleep and shopping time for yourself..sacrificing yourself for families..we are multitasking woman..hoyeahh :)

Hurmm...what if one day you've found out that your husband no longer loves you and having somebody younger and better than you in his life? Nauzubillah..minta dijauhkan untuk kita semua..but this is possible to've found out maybe from his text message, changing behaviours, close friends reporting to you or maybe he is just being honest and tells you the truth..

Mesti sangat frust kan? Benci..marah..huhu..i can't imagine!

But my advise to you and myself, based on either Cerekarama or Dilema Wanita (astro prima kot) i watched earlier, let it happen and let it go..biarlah apa yang terjadi kat our husband..point to take away from the short drama is we should accept and redha for what had happened..berserah..why? because we already tried our very best..jaga anak..masak..kemas rumah..iron baju..obey..respect and serve our husband without failure..yes..sangat pahit to swallow but never ever think that we are imperfect and start to blame ourselves..ustaz dalam cerita tu cakap..our husband is not good enough for having us as his wife..that's why he leaves us..once your responsibilities towards husband is longer there..focus on children and Allah..move on..takkan kerana seorang lelaki..we surrender our whole life right? There are more people who loves us around..

Right now, never stop praying and doa moga moga our marriage lasts forever, be the best wife for our husband..banyak pahala kita dapatkan..

Hope my sharing give some ideas to future wife, wifey and mommies to take it positively...jom jadi isteri mithali sama sama dan jangan malas malas :)



  1. yup.thats what my mom said too :)

  2. but i sndri tak sure if i bole buat mcm tu if kene ats btg hidung sndri. touch wood! huhuh

  3. =) suka part pesan ustaz tu =)

  4. semoga kita sama2 mendapat keredhaan Allah dlm menjadi isteri yang solehah..nicely said intan =)

  5. it happened to one of my cousin..and it hurts her badly..and now they are first she was so frustrated..but after few months, dia dktkn dr dgn Allah..then she realized that her son needs now dia akan buat yg terbaik for her son..pity her..mmg pahit la nk terima, but after all dia kata ada hikmah smua ni..huhu thnx sis for this kewl post...

  6. baik kak intan. hehe. itu la kan.. skrg still dlm "newly wed" punye stage.. nnt dh smpai stage dh ada anak apa semua tu, lg mencabar. yosh for us!

  7. great post. Love it. betul, we had tried our best.kalau suami still searching for another one, dah kira takdir la tu. kalau kita dh cuba jadi yg terbaik, nanti bila dia ada pompuan lain and tak sebaik and sehebat kita, msti dia come back to us. Just be the best for our husband

  8. like!betul sangat ustaz tu happened and true indeed..walau apa pun rancangan kita, rancangan Allah adalah yang terbaik..:)

  9. I'm getting married lps raya, insyaAllah. N i dont know why i sgt takut benda2 mcmni tjadi. I dtg dr divorced famly, nvr knew my father sjk lahir. So i takut nak brumahtangga ni. I'm so scared my future husband tak sygkn i lg lepas kawen. N now i'm thinking to back out from this wedding. Crazy, i know. My fiance pn mcm clueless. I know its pointless to be so anxious abt future but i cant help it. I guess i'm blaming my experience. Entah ye... Pls pray for me to be brave enuf utk kawin ni...

  10. Mintak dijauhkan. I tak taula macamane nak jd redha. Sorg ustaz kt ofis i pnh ckp knp perempuan cantik pn kene tinggal suami. Contoh mm rozita che wan. Ustaz tu ckp sbb 'lelaki tak pernah puas'. So ustaz tu kata caranya adalah jgn bg suami kita peluang. Maksudnya kita sntiasa bersama dia. Bkn kata kongkong tp supaya dia xde peluang lgsung nk carik org lain huhu.

  11. lisa : takpe lisa..kite sama2 doa bende2 ni x berlaku..:)

    picairin : kannn..terus sentap bile terdgr pesanan ustaz tu.. :)

    masmOna : tq dear..amin :)

    dalila : at least your cousin is a very +ve lady..sgt saluteee :)

    nana : yes..yosh for us :)

    fainie : betul ckp awak by the time husben dtg balik..hehe belum tentu kite akan terima die lg.. :)

    qyla aqilah : well said dear.. :)

    shiba : jgn ckp cmtu dear..marriage life is a risk for brings your happiness too..this case is not applicable to all..i'm sure your fiance is good enough for u..all the best k :)

    cha : bagus nasehat u kalau die cari lain jgk..mgkn rancangan Allah lebih baik dr rancangan kita :)



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