Monday, June 25, 2012

Tempah Baju Raya from Butik Bulan

Salam all,

Our team for Raya this year is purple..nothing specific why we choose purple..I already bought one kain..normal crepe silk with discount earlier..which have minor purple..but since en suami wants me to accompany him to buy kain for his baju i asked him to treat me another purple kain..hehe..Jakel promoter said..this roberto cavalli material is a good quality fabric for guy and girl..belasah je really fail about fabric name and differences..

So what did we do next? en suami sent kain to his tailor at Pasar Keramat..just normal baju melayu design..what i know, en suami and FIL are really particular in choosing fabric and how tailor make the baju..reasonable price (rm70), good fitting and detailing..

How about my kain? We went to Chong Sister's tailor at Wisma Campbell (if you remember, they made my solemnization dress dulu) but unfortunately they can do kurung moden with minor pleated kain like this..i have to find alternative way...

This is my kain and border lace bought at Jakel..

I'm getting nervous..yela even though fasting month is yet come but most tailors refuse to take order..what should i do? last resort..i went to one year old Butik Bulan at Axis Atrium which walking distance from my house.

What happen next? let us wait for the result first k..if the outcome is acceptable..i will share my experience with all of you..

Most important thing, I want a simple baju kurung moden for raya..not too over kalahkan pengantin.. *nervous*

Bye :) 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

What did i do at Promosi Kerja Kahwin 2012?

Salam all,

Promosi Kerja Kahwin 2012 which started since yesterday until 2 July is a one stop centre for bride to be to book photographer/videographer, buy door gifts, wedding cards, wedding cakes, floral deco, mini dais to super over dais, tempah or sewa baju for solemnization or reception, buying silk, batik and traditional handicrafts..

As i really love everything about wedding and alang alang accompanying my good friend to do her survey and preparing her weddings..why not can?

Luckily my new Samsung hand phone really loves me and capture all these lovely pictures clearly..which make me wanna cryyyy..cantik semuanyaa..less talking please Intan..lets pictures do the talking now..

Beware, this gonna be a very lengthy entry with lots of pics i took during the event today. I cannot remember all the vendors and suppliers, please experience the moment yourselves k :)

you can rent this water fountain and cake stand from them
make your own 2 tier cakes even higher and exclusive kan?

i got free red velvet mini cupcake! just like their fb page QT Pots
highly recommend sebab sedapp :)


these two pictures are fondant cakes from mycuppycupcake

Red velvet in Jar (rm6/each for small amount)
Also available in other flavours

few more fondant cakes from DL'Ammar Cake Boutique, Norizan Bakers.Com, 
BakingProject.Com and many more..

flowers arrangement from Sugar&Spices Florist
also available is ThePoetryOfFlowers

polka dots paper bag, favours

creative cover of yasin, al mathurat and different sizes of mini jars from LovelyGifts

wedding cards

tepak sireh and traditional crafts

 simple dais

 dais from RienZaid Wedding Couture

i heart the wedding dress at the back

from Satri's

few collections from Arma Couture

custom made platform heels to match dress on the right

from left, friendly Fuza and Syenel from Arma.
We got free consultation from them on materials that they normally used to design dresses
Complete set package including veil+bride's dress and heels (without fabric) starting price usually starting from rm5k..nangissss :)

hantaran and deco dais from Arjuna Cipta

super extra meletop dais from Coco's Creation Kuala Lumpur

white and green garden dais from Suri Weddings

 another dais from Wedding Ministry

there's another dais from Butik dan Andaman Ijab dan Qabul 

dais from Wazira Zainal

creative idea from Persona Embun

 grand dais from GlamWeddings

and many moreeee... 

Fuhh penat menaip..hopefully these make you all geram and terus terjah Kompleks Kraf Jalan Conlay tanpa segan silu..

All the best :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Fresh Flower Pomander Ball from Happily Ever After

Salam all,

Some people call them flower balls..some will call them pomander balls..for doesn't matter but the outcome is more important..

Sharing above picture is just for fun..just to share pomander balls that I made for Happily Ever After's customer, Kak Eleen for his brother's bertandang. She also made one entry about the balls here..hehe thank you Kak Eleen for trusting us.

I just wondering if bride to be or readers who plan to DIY your own fresh flower pomander balls but afraid to start or plan..i admit you can also google or youtube on how to DIY but please let me know if you want me to share how I make all these balls consultation je..if shy shy..mail me at or senang cerita..i can share in next next entry insyaAllah..

Trust me, sangat memenatkan and many lesson learnt..but I don't mind to share if anyone interested to know..we all learn and experience in different way..hehe or worse case scenario..order je la with Happily Ever After..

Till we meet again soon. Let me know k kalau nak tau :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wedding Inspirations and Business Opportunities

Salam all,

If you're looking for latest wedding ideas and trend, something fresh, contemporary and easy to grab..please visit you nearest book store or any magazine or newspaper stalls, definitely you can grab latest inspiring wedding magazine which i heart the most - Inspirasi Perkahwinan.

Still new in this evolving industry but the compilation of ideas and sharing really make them matured and at par with our famous magazines..really helpful..macam macam ada..ko hado? hehe..

The team already released the latest magazine but am sharing below cover (last month edition) for 3 reasons. Firstly, i love the happiness of these muslimah future brides..siapa kata bertudung yang sempurna macam Heliza tak boleh nampak cantik kan? Secondly, i love the colour and their theme, cantik sangat warnanya..

And husband and his team pictures were there too..kalau tak percaya sila selak muka surat 104,105,122 and 123.Credit to nikaizu for pictures here and here.

If you're also looking for business opportunity, please like their facebook page here and mail them for further inquires at

You can also share your creative shot, decoration and joining contest if you want..bestkan? I'm going to share my Happily Ever After ( business, jom ramai-ramai meriahkan suasana :)

On top of Inspirasi Perkahwinan, please also remember there's another famous Mya and Dyana creative work, siapalah tak kenal {4weddingku}kan..please join them for wedding sharing at our finger tips..

Mail them here for blog free listing. I've already tried but pending gambar..hihi..sorry Mya and Dyana..

All the best and good luck everyone! :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Can't wait to share : Free Fresh Flower Hand Bouquet Contest

Salam all,

If you read my earlier entries, there was a contest created by me "Fresh Flower Hand Bouquet Contest' and been judged by 3 different judges for 3 lucky blogger bride to be winners..

The result was released last March with below brides to be as winners..Alhamdulillah all of them now changed their status to wives..

Frankly speaking, i can't wait to reveal their hand bouquets..however am still waiting pictures from their official photographers..moments brides and their hand bouquets..

Thank you very much for trusting me to sponsor their hand bouquets, hope you all like it :)

Hope i don't have to wait for too long yeah..if anyone here want to see the hand bouquets without the here..please note that all pictures were taken when flowers were 70% bloomed.. :)


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kad Kahwin : Acrylic Invitation Card

Salam all,

Sorry for long silence..there are so many things to share but i was too busy with volunteer job..hikhik saja cari pasal susahkan diri..and still busy until end of this week.

But today, i have to share something jugak..which i found very unique and creative idea from Qarmasutra..

The acrylic wedding invitation card! Apakah itu? I think this card is plastic kinda thing and more or less like transparent business card box or book shelf. Cant imagine, refer below pic..

Canggihkan? If you're looking for extraordinary invitation card, you may ask them for the quotation..price? wallahualam..seram pun ada jugak nak tanya..

If you ask me, this card can be doorgift or wall deco like photo frame or VVIP invitation..

Till we meet again soon.. :)

Eh eh cop..talking about Qarmasutra, i might be late but if any bride to be blogger love their works, don't forget to stalk their fan page..hehe..who knows you will be the lucky one for upcoming contest..hopefully ada lagila kan..

source here

Friday, June 1, 2012

Intan is here to link/follow you

I am interested to link your blog to mine..
thinking for quite sometimes but always forgot to publish this entry...

Wish to visit your blog..reading, sharing and exchanging what we experienced and have in mind..
or even promoting, renting and selling our awesome stuffs!

I maybe your silent or active reader..

Hope you can link me too

Drop your URL/blog link under comment below

I thank you :)


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