Friday, June 15, 2012

Fresh Flower Pomander Ball from Happily Ever After

Salam all,

Some people call them flower balls..some will call them pomander balls..for doesn't matter but the outcome is more important..

Sharing above picture is just for fun..just to share pomander balls that I made for Happily Ever After's customer, Kak Eleen for his brother's bertandang. She also made one entry about the balls here..hehe thank you Kak Eleen for trusting us.

I just wondering if bride to be or readers who plan to DIY your own fresh flower pomander balls but afraid to start or plan..i admit you can also google or youtube on how to DIY but please let me know if you want me to share how I make all these balls consultation je..if shy shy..mail me at or senang cerita..i can share in next next entry insyaAllah..

Trust me, sangat memenatkan and many lesson learnt..but I don't mind to share if anyone interested to know..we all learn and experience in different way..hehe or worse case scenario..order je la with Happily Ever After..

Till we meet again soon. Let me know k kalau nak tau :)



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