Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kad Kahwin : Acrylic Invitation Card

Salam all,

Sorry for long silence..there are so many things to share but i was too busy with volunteer job..hikhik saja cari pasal susahkan diri..and still busy until end of this week.

But today, i have to share something jugak..which i found very unique and creative idea from Qarmasutra..

The acrylic wedding invitation card! Apakah itu? I think this card is plastic kinda thing and more or less like transparent business card box or book shelf. Cant imagine, refer below pic..

Canggihkan? If you're looking for extraordinary invitation card, you may ask them for the quotation..price? wallahualam..seram pun ada jugak nak tanya..

If you ask me, this card can be doorgift or wall deco like photo frame or VVIP invitation..

Till we meet again soon.. :)

Eh eh cop..talking about Qarmasutra, i might be late but if any bride to be blogger love their works, don't forget to stalk their fan page..hehe..who knows you will be the lucky one for upcoming contest..hopefully ada lagila kan..

source here


  1. huish mcm2 skrg ni kan. tp mahal tak u?

  2. confirm mahal ni..huhu logik dlm rm50 satu kot..huhuh nangesss :)



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