Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wedding Inspirations and Business Opportunities

Salam all,

If you're looking for latest wedding ideas and trend, something fresh, contemporary and easy to grab..please visit you nearest book store or any magazine or newspaper stalls, definitely you can grab latest inspiring wedding magazine which i heart the most - Inspirasi Perkahwinan.

Still new in this evolving industry but the compilation of ideas and sharing really make them matured and at par with our famous magazines..really helpful..macam macam ada..ko hado? hehe..

The team already released the latest magazine but am sharing below cover (last month edition) for 3 reasons. Firstly, i love the happiness of these muslimah future brides..siapa kata bertudung yang sempurna macam Heliza tak boleh nampak cantik kan? Secondly, i love the colour and their theme, cantik sangat warnanya..

And husband and his team pictures were there too..kalau tak percaya sila selak muka surat 104,105,122 and 123.Credit to nikaizu for pictures here and here.

If you're also looking for business opportunity, please like their facebook page here and mail them for further inquires at

You can also share your creative shot, decoration and joining contest if you want..bestkan? I'm going to share my Happily Ever After ( business, jom ramai-ramai meriahkan suasana :)

On top of Inspirasi Perkahwinan, please also remember there's another famous Mya and Dyana creative work, siapalah tak kenal {4weddingku}kan..please join them for wedding sharing at our finger tips..

Mail them here for blog free listing. I've already tried but pending gambar..hihi..sorry Mya and Dyana..

All the best and good luck everyone! :)



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