Thursday, June 21, 2012

What did i do at Promosi Kerja Kahwin 2012?

Salam all,

Promosi Kerja Kahwin 2012 which started since yesterday until 2 July is a one stop centre for bride to be to book photographer/videographer, buy door gifts, wedding cards, wedding cakes, floral deco, mini dais to super over dais, tempah or sewa baju for solemnization or reception, buying silk, batik and traditional handicrafts..

As i really love everything about wedding and alang alang accompanying my good friend to do her survey and preparing her weddings..why not can?

Luckily my new Samsung hand phone really loves me and capture all these lovely pictures clearly..which make me wanna cryyyy..cantik semuanyaa..less talking please Intan..lets pictures do the talking now..

Beware, this gonna be a very lengthy entry with lots of pics i took during the event today. I cannot remember all the vendors and suppliers, please experience the moment yourselves k :)

you can rent this water fountain and cake stand from them
make your own 2 tier cakes even higher and exclusive kan?

i got free red velvet mini cupcake! just like their fb page QT Pots
highly recommend sebab sedapp :)


these two pictures are fondant cakes from mycuppycupcake

Red velvet in Jar (rm6/each for small amount)
Also available in other flavours

few more fondant cakes from DL'Ammar Cake Boutique, Norizan Bakers.Com, 
BakingProject.Com and many more..

flowers arrangement from Sugar&Spices Florist
also available is ThePoetryOfFlowers

polka dots paper bag, favours

creative cover of yasin, al mathurat and different sizes of mini jars from LovelyGifts

wedding cards

tepak sireh and traditional crafts

 simple dais

 dais from RienZaid Wedding Couture

i heart the wedding dress at the back

from Satri's

few collections from Arma Couture

custom made platform heels to match dress on the right

from left, friendly Fuza and Syenel from Arma.
We got free consultation from them on materials that they normally used to design dresses
Complete set package including veil+bride's dress and heels (without fabric) starting price usually starting from rm5k..nangissss :)

hantaran and deco dais from Arjuna Cipta

super extra meletop dais from Coco's Creation Kuala Lumpur

white and green garden dais from Suri Weddings

 another dais from Wedding Ministry

there's another dais from Butik dan Andaman Ijab dan Qabul 

dais from Wazira Zainal

creative idea from Persona Embun

 grand dais from GlamWeddings

and many moreeee... 

Fuhh penat menaip..hopefully these make you all geram and terus terjah Kompleks Kraf Jalan Conlay tanpa segan silu..

All the best :)


  1. Bestt tgk pic, tapi nak pergi lagi? idok lee.. hehe

  2. InsyaAllah nk pergi next weekend sbb jmpa husband di KL. boleh survey utk majlis bertandang. :)

  3. omg...lawa2 gile laaaaaa baju2 pengantin n pelamin skrg. br 2012 dh mcm2 keluar. pdhal br thn lps kawin hahaha.bestnye..cntik2! geram gile tgk smpi rs nk kawin lg skali.haha

  4. Dear Intan Marliana,

    Thanks For The Reveal Our Booth In Your Nice & Informative Blog And Really Appreciate Your Supports To Us...Keep On Blogging! Cheers!

    -Coco's Creations-

  5. waaaa beshnyer.. sumer lawa2.. baju2 sumer skang lawa2 giler... n pelamin pun lawa2.... naper skang i baru tau ada GLAMWEDDINGS tu?? omg dorang punye works tu is exactly like i actually wanted b4 kawen=a GLAM wedding..huhuhuhuuuuuu T_T

  6. mrs linda : pegi2..sempat lg ni :)
    pika pikah : selamat mencuci mata dear :)
    lisa : tau xpe lisa...i rase cm nk pelempang je semua bridal2 n supplier2 kt sini..time i kawen dulu takdela sebegini choice
    coco : no worries..i really adore your work :)
    renee : hahahaha..maybe anniversary la kot bleh hire glamweddings..glam gitu :)

  7. waaaaaaaaaaaah cantiknyaaaaaa. mcm2 ek skrg kreatif2 :)



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