Monday, July 30, 2012

Jute/Sack : Doorgift and Deco

Salam all,

I really love something rustic, vintage and unique. In Malaysia, believe we are still new with this creative world. We tend to be comfortable with what we have now and less exploring.

Maybe, it is time for us to opt for something different. So far, i cannot find any Malaysian suppliers (share with me if you know)...the fastest you can reach are from Alibaba (you have to buy in large quantity) or Etsy (taking currency conversion into account).

Maybe you can DIY..cari karung guni/sack and cut into few shapes..hurmm but still not soo easy to do kan..takpelah..for the time being, let us enjoy the picture below. credit to Etsy..

They offer white chalk marker for us to write down table number, wishes or anything for table deco and doorgifts.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DIY Door Gift : Mini Sejadah

Salam all,

Happy fasting and hope we have the chance to improve ourselves starting this Ramadhan and get to know Allah and Al-Quran in depth. *banyaknya ilmu ukhrawi tak tau*

In conjunction with Ramadhan, I would like to start our entry for today by sharing mini prayer mat (sejadah) as potential doorgift..can be wedding, aqiqah or anything.

What do we need to DIY?

Mini sejadah and ribbon (depends on our theme colour), A4 paper, paper clips, scissors

How to DIY?

First, fold A4 paper..i would suggest if we use the thick one to ensure paper stays at its position when we roll to sejadah later on.

Second, use paper clips and clip them at the end of sejadah, both sides (you can also use selotape to minimize cost)


Third, fold mini sejadah exactly as A4 paper..senang cerita macam graduation scroll or popia (eh tiba-tiba rasa nak beli kt bazar pulak). Tightly fold please.

Lastly, tie with ribbon. Done! :)
We can also put thank you tag as decoration.

Very simple and easy to do kan? I'm sure all of us can do that. Oh one good thing is, we can get the fadhilat when the person using our praying mat. We give them sejadah and we get back the fadhilat. Alhamdulillah :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Revealing : Free Fresh Flower Winner (1)

Salam all,

At last, here's my first Free Fresh Flower Hand Bouquet winner.

If you're refer to my earlier post here, judges chose 3 lucky winners and Sazni Farlina is our first lucky bride. One of her intention to join the contest was to have a hand bouquet for her bertandang side..suci kan niat dia..

Here's official pictures from her official photographer for our enjoyment. 

and her dream to have such a memorable picture with her beloved husband - 'throwing' hand bouquet to the sky finally reachable..sama kan with her dream picture here :) i can feel their pure happiness..suka suka :)

Thank you very much dear for trusting Happily Ever After and join my blog contest :) Take care and do keep in touch k..

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tea Cups for Wedding

Salam all,

Have you ever think of having tea cups for your wedding?

Tea cups are not only for drinking coffee or tea, they can do more actually. Here's some ideas i found from google for sharing.

We can use tea cups as one of cake deco. Can you see small tea cup on top of the cake? i love the idea :) Just 2 tier cakes would do kan - simple and exclusive.

If you have more time and wish to DIY, you may collect or buy tea cups and make them as your mini chandelier. I have no idea how to do it..hurm maybe we should make a hole in the middle of the cup to hold light bulbs and cable accordingly.

We can also collect tea cups, arrange them comel-comel and put flower on top. These cute cups can be used as our wedding deco, maybe put somewhere near to candy buffet or meja beradab or even vintage kind of dais kan? :)


If we opt for something different, we can use tea pot and sumbat all flowers or daun bagai inside then arrange on top of stack of books.


Bride and groom can also having tea in personalized tea cups. 

For door gifts, we can either choose

sugar cookies

candle in tea cup

or even this cute little cupcake for VVIPs

What a great idea kan? For ex bride, we can also donate our tea cups we got during wedding to younger siblings. Am sure you have lots of them.

Bye :)


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