Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DIY Door Gift : Mini Sejadah

Salam all,

Happy fasting and hope we have the chance to improve ourselves starting this Ramadhan and get to know Allah and Al-Quran in depth. *banyaknya ilmu ukhrawi tak tau*

In conjunction with Ramadhan, I would like to start our entry for today by sharing mini prayer mat (sejadah) as potential doorgift..can be wedding, aqiqah or anything.

What do we need to DIY?

Mini sejadah and ribbon (depends on our theme colour), A4 paper, paper clips, scissors

How to DIY?

First, fold A4 paper..i would suggest if we use the thick one to ensure paper stays at its position when we roll to sejadah later on.

Second, use paper clips and clip them at the end of sejadah, both sides (you can also use selotape to minimize cost)


Third, fold mini sejadah exactly as A4 paper..senang cerita macam graduation scroll or popia (eh tiba-tiba rasa nak beli kt bazar pulak). Tightly fold please.

Lastly, tie with ribbon. Done! :)
We can also put thank you tag as decoration.

Very simple and easy to do kan? I'm sure all of us can do that. Oh one good thing is, we can get the fadhilat when the person using our praying mat. We give them sejadah and we get back the fadhilat. Alhamdulillah :)


  1. Good idea. Mahal tak u sejadah mini ni?

  2. intan...thank you..u give me such a great idea..never thought of it all this while..

  3. cha: sejadah ni i dpt dr kwn..mak die balik umrah..hurm x sure la plak harga die brape..

    amani: tq dear..saje je tibe2 terfikir nk share :)

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