Monday, July 30, 2012

Jute/Sack : Doorgift and Deco

Salam all,

I really love something rustic, vintage and unique. In Malaysia, believe we are still new with this creative world. We tend to be comfortable with what we have now and less exploring.

Maybe, it is time for us to opt for something different. So far, i cannot find any Malaysian suppliers (share with me if you know)...the fastest you can reach are from Alibaba (you have to buy in large quantity) or Etsy (taking currency conversion into account).

Maybe you can DIY..cari karung guni/sack and cut into few shapes..hurmm but still not soo easy to do kan..takpelah..for the time being, let us enjoy the picture below. credit to Etsy..

They offer white chalk marker for us to write down table number, wishes or anything for table deco and doorgifts.


  1. bahasa mudah, kain guni kan? hehehe :D

  2. Boleh email sy mane sy leh dapat kain guni tu di

  3. Boleh tolong email kan saiz guni kecil untuk letak 1kg beras.



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