Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tea Cups for Wedding

Salam all,

Have you ever think of having tea cups for your wedding?

Tea cups are not only for drinking coffee or tea, they can do more actually. Here's some ideas i found from google for sharing.

We can use tea cups as one of cake deco. Can you see small tea cup on top of the cake? i love the idea :) Just 2 tier cakes would do kan - simple and exclusive.

If you have more time and wish to DIY, you may collect or buy tea cups and make them as your mini chandelier. I have no idea how to do it..hurm maybe we should make a hole in the middle of the cup to hold light bulbs and cable accordingly.

We can also collect tea cups, arrange them comel-comel and put flower on top. These cute cups can be used as our wedding deco, maybe put somewhere near to candy buffet or meja beradab or even vintage kind of dais kan? :)


If we opt for something different, we can use tea pot and sumbat all flowers or daun bagai inside then arrange on top of stack of books.


Bride and groom can also having tea in personalized tea cups. 

For door gifts, we can either choose

sugar cookies

candle in tea cup

or even this cute little cupcake for VVIPs

What a great idea kan? For ex bride, we can also donate our tea cups we got during wedding to younger siblings. Am sure you have lots of them.

Bye :)


  1. Kalau buh kat tengah meja tu ada jugak makcik2 yang songlap masuk dalam beg..hahahha cukup 6 biji boleh dia buat hidang tetamu..:p

    dear, apa nama instagram u?i cari tak jumpa..hahhaha

  2. tea cup untuk house warming pun voley kan hehehe

  3. i suka sgt tp majlis dh lepas pkir utk bday la hihi

  4. qyla: comella u..haha karang lps majlis ade cawan yg hilang nnt..alamak nk follow instagram ke? hikhik malula :p

    FY: kannn :)

    nora: haaa betul2 idea nora tu :)

    cha: wahh sempat tu fikir utk bday..boleh aje :)



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