Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baju Raya from Bulan Boutique

Salam all,

I hope its not too late for me to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilftri and Maaf Zahir Batin for any wrongdoings especially to my followers and case anyone feel offended or insulted with my earlier entries..thousand apologize :)

For single ladies turn to wifeys, Selamat Pengantin Baru and congrats to Kina for her newborn baby :)

This year is my second year celebrating Hari Raya with beloved encik suami..i really love my husband for being tolerate and understanding in confirming where to stay on first day of Hari Raya..if last year at my family side..this year my family side..why? because my families are small..not so extended family like his..sorang takde nampak sangat kehilangan ahli..huhu..and since his families start to visit relatives second day actually give more advantage for both sides..

If you read my earlier entry here, I will share my baju raya if I satisfied with Bulan Boutique outcome. Guess what? I absolutely love the outcome..fitting je baju sangat ngam ngam..and Reza managed to imagine what i have in mind..a simple baju raya with pleated kain..

I actually wore that baju raya on second day of Hari Raya which means the day i met my in laws...and yes banyak bertanya and puji that baju..alhamdulillah..

If you ask me about Bulan Boutique, there's a story behind it. To cut short, actually i almost forgot to ask Reza and pick up the baju because i was sooo busy with other thingy until one day next week nak raya baju raya takde lagi..haiyoo..memang dimamah usia betul..when i went to the boutique..Redza said baju was ready first week of fasting month dah but he could not contact me because incorrect contact number I he just wait and wait..huhu..

I went for first fitting on Sunday afternoon..memang cantik 'jatuh' bajunya..however I requested him to alter a bit at hips (huuu...i gained weight during fasting month and to make it more muslimah)..alang-alang he's yet to patch the laces (he wanted to patch lace after first fitting in case any alter to be made)..

I told him that I will balik kampung on Tuesday after work and requested him to finish everything before that (only 2 days for alteration) ..haha what a cruel me..he can only give me the baju on Tuesday during lunch..but am very shocked because he called me on Monday around 9pm to pick up the baju..he was worried if i will be rushing on Tuesday...thank you Reza for your cooperation and understanding..

For those who interested, Bulan Boutique also do wedding dress..they are still new..i would say their price are still affordable and's their details:

Reza Ehsan
012 284 0221
Fashion Director

Lot S-11, Level 2, Axis Atrium
@ Axis Pandan, Jalan Cempaka
Taman Cempaka, 68000 Ampang,

Please inform him that I (Intan) recommend his boutique when you call or meet him..

Monday, August 13, 2012

Green Wedding Ideas

Salam all,

InsyaAllah something awesome will happen this October..i can't share now..karang sekali tak jadi malu je..

Hurmm ok one clue..something to do with hand bouquets from Happily Ever After..i will share with my readers later k..this entry was inspired by this clue anyway..hihi :)

Instead of just eating green fruits like apple, pear and grapes..we can also use them as wedding deco and ideas..

comel kan?

fruit varieties


green and white dais

apple decos

oh actually i saw this new pelapik hantaran idea for sharing..if you visit LoveInsaneWeddingsSharina and wish to have something unique for your hantaran, jom sewa :)


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