Monday, August 13, 2012

Green Wedding Ideas

Salam all,

InsyaAllah something awesome will happen this October..i can't share now..karang sekali tak jadi malu je..

Hurmm ok one clue..something to do with hand bouquets from Happily Ever After..i will share with my readers later k..this entry was inspired by this clue anyway..hihi :)

Instead of just eating green fruits like apple, pear and grapes..we can also use them as wedding deco and ideas..

comel kan?

fruit varieties


green and white dais

apple decos

oh actually i saw this new pelapik hantaran idea for sharing..if you visit LoveInsaneWeddingsSharina and wish to have something unique for your hantaran, jom sewa :)


  1. i love green!! hehe..sbb tu hari tu kahwin buat warna hijau..n buat epal as on of the doorgift =)

  2. first time qis tengok pelapik hantaran macam tu..memang unik..



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