Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fluffy Pillows

Salam all,

Above fluffy pillows are one of the reason for me being silent for fortnight..few may already knew the story behind it but allow me to officially reveal once pictures and writing/typing skills back to normal..hehe..penat woo..

Monday, September 10, 2012

Featuring : Pesona Pengantin October 2012

Salam all,

Some of you might been informed directly or indirectly that Happily Ever After originally created by me and partner are now featuring in Pesona Pengantin October 2012 edition.

Alhamdulillah, am not being riak or masuk bakul angkat sendiri but am grateful because someone outside recognize  and compliment our hard work. Happily Ever After is totally our baby and we really love to share pretty flowers and arrangement with all our beloved followers and customers.

I've never cross in mind that our small just-for-fun business with less than a year had the opportunity to be in most famous magazine in Malaysia : Pesona Pengantin!! :)

These are some snapshots for sharing..2 pages means a lot to us..

front cover 

page 14 : fruit hand bouquet as background

page 131 - Impak Bunga Tangan Tropika

We are really inspired to even work harder and serve customers the best. Who knows one day, I can quit my current full time job and focus on Happily Ever After

Thank you Fadhlin and Karangkraf team and all for the support and such great project coming soon and bolehlah panggil kami lagi if interested..hihi..

Please continuously support Happily Ever After.

For any inquires, please :

mail to


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