Tuesday, October 30, 2012

First Time Ever : Fresh Flower Hantaran Arrangement

Assalamualaikum all,

For today, I would like to share my first time ever doing hantaran arrangement for my youngest sister back in Terengganu.

She just started to work and our family has decided to help her with the preparation..everything DIY and unfortunately I volunteered myself as akak bridal for her engagement day. Actually I appointed myself as the planner for flower arrangements...hahaha itu ciri-ciri anak sulung yang gila kuasa :) instead of pengantin marah planner but it was vice versa..i marah my sister..yela..i cannot accept last minute preparation but thank you Cik (my sister) for being supportive and pekakkan telinga for all my lecture :)

My sister told me that she wanted fresh flowers hantaran with assorted pink, red, sweet and not too over like wedding hantaran..but since buying own fresh flowers with main supplier were rather cheap than florist..ended up i bought flowers more for worries..better more than tak cukup kan? for our house and events anyway..we can put balance flowers everywhere..

For flower arrangement, it is highly recommend for us to start bit late because we're dealing with fresh flowers and please ensure the area to be at lowest temperature it can go..

Here's the best hantaran i love.. Hersyes we bought at Candylicious KLCC plus mini trolly..

Main flowers were assorted pink of gerberas, roses and carnations..roses yet to bloom? not too worry..they bloomed happily the next morning..

Here's more decorations to share

tiny pink ribbon tied to green apple

bunga rampai

white songket

9 trays of hantaran

Oh not to forget, trays and pillows were not mine. Only tapak trays were min..remember this hantaran? yeah it was my wedding hantaran..we recycled them to cut cost..I rented from IdieanaRozaidiHantaranDecorations which i found from Pesona Pengantin. Zana was really helpful and friendly. She even gave me tips to deco and maintain flower freshness. Highly recommended. She also do hantaran deco which i really admire..just mention my name (Intan) and jot down her details below k. Please do visit her blog as well for more pictures.


Till we meet again soon..too many things to share :)


  1. Cantiknya. Simple tp sweet. Paling comel troli kecik tu hehe

  2. cantik aaa intan. untung if i ade kakak mcm u ni haha. if adik i kawin nt i will suggest u hahah



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