Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hanging Glass Ball

Salam all,

The next DIY deco for my youngest sister's engagment day is the hanging glass balls.

How to start the deco?

credit to Alibaba Express

1. Gently clean glass balls
2. Tie ribbons to the centre of glass balls.
3. Pour some plain water into glass balls
4. Tie transparent fishing net at the top of glass balls and arrange them accordingly to the dais
5. Put few light fresh flowers such as chrysanthemums to the corners as in pictures

Simple and easy to do right? However, you may need an assistant to hold the balls at all time as they are very fragile..

Anyone to ask where did I buy these balls? Beli kat Alibaba Express from China. Tired of searching and still tak jumpa di area KL, I opted to buy online. Within one week, i got the parcel which safely stored in box full of polisterin to protect fragile goods. Suka sangat..

I have eight glass balls with me now..anyone interested to rent, do mail Happily Ever After at


  1. jar tu dlm rm25 satu kalau beli..tapi kalau nk sewa harga die mestila jauh lebih murah :)

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