Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wedding Biggest Project : How it started.

Salam all,

I just came back from Labuan spending my annual leaves with beloved encik suami who currently attending his two weeks course in that small island. I am also 'busying' with Adam dan Hawa..haish lagha-lagha asyik ulang semua cerita Aaron Aziz berlakon..saiko!

So today I will start to reveal Happily Ever After first and biggest project here. Why here but not at our Facebook page here or at our official blog here? The reason is..this blog is totally sharing about my own experiences whilst these other two sites are for business and commercial purposes only..

Where should we start ye? Hurm how about the idea of accepting wedding deco offer. Earlier at one fine day, i've received a message by one of my friend which actually kakak pengantin saying that she always visiting this blog which made me impressed a lot..i'm not sure where she got my blog link because i do not prefer to share my link to 'physical' friends unless they asked me to or we're discussing topics related to weddings..lagipun blog ni biasa2 je..would be great to have blogger community or 'rakan maya' which appreciate about weddings as much as i do..but i was wrong as she also one of the community..will tell you later on that..

Kakak Pengantin, Huda offered me to do wedding decorations for her younger sister. Apa? I thought its just normal hand bouquet ke kan..just a simple one..but i was wrong..her family actually agreed to hire me as so called 'bridal or wedding planner' for their big day. Apa? Terkejut sangat sangat..dahlah first timer kan..from making hand bouquet to hall deco..bukan kecik..Dewan Seri Endon Putrajaya kott..jeng jeng jeng..

Pelamin akad..pelamin sanding..centerpieces..walkways..deco meja beradap..hand bouquets and hantarans..all fresh flowers..what happen next?

Till next entry..karang tulis panjang2 takut boring plak kan..


  1. excited to hear more about your story..will wait for your next entry :-)

  2. baru nk baca dah habis huhu. ok nexttt

  3. panjang la skt intan... :) mesti sgt berdebar planner tu! :)

  4. lah kak long na ni, tulis la panjang siket! happy for you

  5. Eh intan..potong stim btl u ne, baru nk nek syok, to be cont la plak. Haha. Cpt smbung. Alhamdulillah, business makin bekembang. Moga banyak lagik job bsr yg masuk yep

  6. @amani : tq dear.. :)
    @cha : hehe nextt.. :)
    @soalhati : tak sempat nak type pjg2..krg boring plak..sgt berdebar gileeee :)
    @affan: simpan la sket..kasi byk sket entry :) tq affan!
    @baizura: tq dear..skrg tgh relek2..penat gile wooo :)

  7. dear,nanti share your latest BIG project,love your ideaasss!



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