Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wedding Biggest Project : Blessings

Salam all,

Thank you for warm feedback received from my beloved readers. Appreciate much! :)

Okay for this entry, i will continue sharing about bridal offer from best friend of's earlier entry in case you've missed it.

After receiving such offer, its actually during office hours, dan dan tu jugak i texted my partner asking her opinion..shall we proceed or shall we ignore the we cannot think wisely at that point of time..I asked Huda (kakak pengantin) to give us more time to think..haha cam pelik pun ada jugak..usually bride/groom will stress about the package but this time around..we were in stress mode..

Not to forget my husband, definitely i have to ask for his opinion before proceed any further kan? Planning, handling and arranging wedding deco is not a simple task..lots of time to sacrifice..lagi lagi for beginners like us..surveying flowers..deco..budgeting..volunteers..and most importantly..can we succeed? what if the family does not like our idea and outcome..the scariest part ever..can we deliver as expected since the family put their trust to us? oh oh stress..if you ask me..from the bottom of my heart..i really really want to do it..Mak gave her full support to proceed and even volunteered to be part of the team which is takkanlah kan I nak suruh..husband gave his blessing too and..

Yess..we will make a not a trial..we have set the objective and we have to make it a success!

Mak said..whatever happens..please try our best to ensure the family happy as they trusted us much..i still remembered Mak said " anggaplah macam kita buat kenduri kahwin kita sendiri".. for own wedding..obviously we wish for a perfect wedding..oh soo big responsibility..

I informed Huda that we agreed to be part of her sister's wedding day and next budgeting..surveying stage started..I will share in next do I came out with the budget..


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