Monday, February 25, 2013

Social Media Week Awards 2013 Nomination

Salam all,

What is Social Media Week Awards?

I was called to share about this event as I was suddenly been nominated which I did not know how and who nominated this tak layak je. Even though the voting date closed quite a while and I'm sure the organizer in midst of finalizing the winner..just for my own understanding and's some info..

From what i understand, objective for this award are mainly to encourage sharing information, build networking and relationship among Gen-Y and other Malaysia/International citizen and also to exchange latest knowledge based on their own capacity and area of knowledge. Please do visit their lovely website for more info.

Social Media Week Awards is an award whereby all 'nominated social media contestants' are grouped together under their own award categories and judging criteria is based on 80% public voting and 20% on Judges Decision (10% site or blog content, 5% design and layout, 5% ethics and effectiveness)

There are 20 Awards and my blog is under Favourite Lifestyle Blog. Refer red arrow below.

I have no idea how this blog been nominated, but thank you very much for such nomination..being listed as top 3 without sempat berkempen macam tak percaya..hihi..thank you for those who voted my blog..let me know k if you've voted for me..boleh belanja red velvet :) 

How did i know? Actually my younger sister whatsapp-ed me saying that she saw my blog's name in Datin Dr Halina's blog whereby she shared snap shot of the may visit her entry here..her blog is one of the nominees and guess what..her blog is listed as top 5 while mine top 3? apakah? takkan my blog lagi ramai orang vote dari dia? Mysterious and impossiblenyee..i am still in dilemma actually..

So what i did? I visited and messaged organizer via Facebook here and here's the answer..adakah membantu?

Well..never mind..dah tercalon pun oklah tu..harapan menang confirmlah takde kan because other candidates deserve better than my tiny miny blog ni..but least this blog reaches its new level of recognition..oklah tu kan..syukur Alhamdulillah..

Thank you all for the support and thank you Malaysia Social Media of luck..and congratulations in advance to all winners (28 Feb 2013) :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Featuring : Pesona Pengantin Feb 2013

Salam all,

Lamanya senyap..but whatever it is..i will always remember my beloved blog..

There are too many things to share but for today, here's some sharing that our Happily Ever After featuring for more Pesona Pengantin slots..our third time..

Our first time was October 2012, then Dec 2012 (which I forgot to buy the magazine..huhu hopefully ada book store yang jual lagi previous edition or worst case go to Karangkraf for additonal 10% discount) and the third one was for February 2013 edition.

We were informed by the team to prepare 2 sets of hantaran to suit engagement theme. What we did was, to split hantaran arrangement and theme. I did the modern theme while my partner did the traditional style. We used different fresh flowers, colour, bekas, accessories to ensure we made two sets of simple engagement hantaran.

Here's the first set.
Red roses and baby breath in a transparent glass box with flowy white feathers and pale yellow ribbons
Page 98

Here's our second set prepared by my partner.
Yellow chrysanthemum and white roses in a 'copper' bowl with some transparent pebbles.
Black lapik dulang bought in Bandung.
Page 250

If you wish for simple to luxury hantaran from us, do email for more info k.

Thank you :)


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