Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mini Pails by Happily Ever After

Salam all,

This is sticky entry :)

Personally, the idea of using mini pail as one of your doorgift is become more common. Bride, groom and their families opt for something simple, fast, small but yet meaningful - as souvenir.

Happily Ever After is currently selling the NEW version of mini pails, even cuter with lots of colour for you to choose. Am here promoting for any serious bride or groom out there who wish for affordable mini pails for your big day.

Jom tengok gambar sama-sama :)

There are two types of mini pails.
a) Colourful mini pail + flower pattern + wood holder
b) Colourful mini pail + outline

How about the price? Jom kita terjah Happily Ever After..check it out! :)


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